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A man with erectile dysfunction is unable to keep a firm erection when he is having sex. This problem is common with many men, and it is quite intimidating because sexual satisfaction is not achieved on some occasions. However, medical solutions have been discovered to deal with the devastation situation that is undermining most men.

The common drugs created to treat erectile dysfunction is known as the sildenafil. This drug can boost the erection of the penis when the user is having sex. However, we need to understand what exactly causes the erectile dysfunction problem. The following content highlights the remédio para ereção e impotência masculina.



Diabetes id the most common cause of the erectile dysfunction problem in most men. The body is unable to translate the sexual simulations to make an erection of the penis. This s because of the chronical blood sugar in the person suffering from diabetes damages to the nerves. Similarly, diabetes as something to do with interfering with the blood circulation whereby it leads to reduced blood flow to the penis preventing it from erecting.

The penis will not be able to become firm for sexual intercourse. The worse part with the diabetes is that the medication of diabetes cannot allow someone to use the male enhancers to boost penis erection. This might bring high risk to devastating side effects. The only alternative to a person with diabetes is penile implantation.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer does not cause erectile dysfunction on its own, but with the radiation treatment, surgery and hormone therapy when trying to remove the entire prostate gland will affect the ability of the penis to erect during sexual intercourse. You can treat the erectile dysfunction that is related to prostate cancer but temporary.

Men experiencing this condition find it difficult to erect, and the only option to treat the problem can be other means such as an implant. However, the ability of the victim to organism and ejection might be interfered with.

Heart Disease

When one is suffering from heart diseases, he will not be able to erect firmly during the sexual intercourse. The reason for this problem is that the erectile dysfunction proceeds coronary disease.

The arteries that are present in the penis are consequently blocked soon because they are small than those that cause heart diseases symptoms. When the arteries in the penis are blocked, it will not be able to erect regardless of the level of arousal.

Kidney Disease

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You should understand that the kidney disease is caused when the hormones, blood flow in the body and other parts of the nervous system are not working altogether. Similarly, for a healthy erection to happen, all the above should also work together.

A person suffering from kidney diseases is much limited because even the medication itself does not allow the penis to erect regardless of using the male enhancers. The only solution to dealing with such a situation is switching the brands or doses that the victim is using.